Topics for 2015

At our last meeting for 2014, on Tuesday 2 December, we brain-stormed some ideas for monthly topics for the year ahead. I have set these topics up on Photo Vault so you can start straight away.

Open All Year

Shadows – For Consideration

  • For  our competition with Bluff Camera Club, we need to gather together any photos that you think fit the topic. We want to create a pool of entries that we can go through in August 2015, to choose the best entries. The ones that we decide are the best will be our submitted entries. But we need a big pool to choose from! Put any photo you think fits the topic into this Event in Photo Vault!

Monthly Topics

Each Month – Open

  • An “Open” topic will be available for each month. You can enter any photo you like into an Open topic.

Each Month – Monthly Topic

  • January – Holidays
  • February – Bugs & Butterflies (Macro)
  • March – Photo-shoot with Models Night Lights
  • April – Monochrome (Black and White)
  • May – Circuit Portraits
  • June – Seascape Sunrise
  • July – Street Photography
  • August – Shadows (finalise for Bluff Challenge)
  • September – Panning
  • October – Commercial
  • November – Aviation
  • December – Wildlife

These Events have been created in Photo Vault and you can begin uploading now!