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Score-keeping with a smartphone

How it Works

In my local photography club, we hold a monthly competition where members get to show off the pictures they have taken that month. A small panel of judges score the photos and we use this to pick a monthly winner.

We used to run the scoring using score sheets and a computer spread sheet - but it was a hassle. Now we use Jet Judge! Each judge uses their smartphone or tablet to capture the scores for the competition, and the system automatically produces a total score which can be immediately emailed out at the end of the evening.

The benefits are:

  • It's free to try out! And only $25 per club for a whole year!
  • You can have multiple judges per competition.
  • You can have multiple administrators per club.
  • You can have unlimited entries per competition.
  • No more paper-based scoring.
  • Less hassle and results are available straight away.

Vote with your phone

PSSA Photo Vault

Jet Judge started out as a system for scoring photos at camera clubs. If you would like more information on how to set it up for your camera club, click the link below to see how easy it is.

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