Beach Seascape Sunrise Trip – Isipingo

Early last Sunday, we had a trip to Isipingo Beach to shoot the sunrise. The rock formations and pools make for some interesting shots and it was an opportunity to laugh and learn together. Next month, our topic is Seascape, so this trip helped us get some experience!

Stars and Promotion

  1. Each member will have a “Star Rating” from 1 to 5. The higher your rating, the more strictly your photos will be judged.
  2. New members will start as 1 star photographers. New members who are also members or have been members of another PSSA affiliated club can apply to start at a higher star level by submitting a panel of 12 images. Based on the panel submitted the committee will determine at what star rating the person will be graded but limited to 3 star. These images may not be used subsequently for grading purposes.
  3. When judging photos, there will be 3 judges. Two judges will be from the club, and one will be a guest judge (if possible). Anybody can be a judge, if you have a 3 Star Rating or higher.
  4. Each judge will rate the photo, allocating an award, see below, and we will combine the scores to get a final score for the photo.
  5. Judges will know the Star Rating of the person who took the photo, and will be more strict with higher Star Rating images.
  6. If the Final Score for your photo is a Gold or Merit then your photo will count towards a promotion in your Star Rating!


The table below shows how many Awards you need to get for promotion.

  • From 1 Star to 2 Star => 10 Gold or Merit awards
  • From 2 Star to 3 Star => 20 Gold or Merit awards
  • From 3 Star to 4 Star => 25 Gold or Merit awards AND 3 Salon Acceptances
  • From 4 Star to 5 Star => 30 Gold or Merit awards AND 10 Salon Acceptances (i.e. a further 7 Salon Acceptances)
  • From 5 Star to Honours => 100 Gold or Merit awards AND 40 Salon Acceptances (i.e. a further 30 Salon Acceptances)

(Tip: To advance quickly, you need to enter OFTEN!)

When you advance, your accumulated Gold and Merit awards are reset to zero. You start again, and your photos will now be judged more strictly. Your Salon Acceptances do not reset; they are for life.

Your Salon Acceptances need to be for different pictures. We won’t count multiple acceptances if you the same picture to multiple Salons.

Award allocation:

Bronze – Poor image not meeting required standard

Silver – Average image not quite meeting required standard, marked down because of problems which should have been corrected either when taking the picture or in post processing.

Gold – Good image meets the required standard

Merit – An exceptional image exceeding all criteria by far

Disqualification – An image entered into the incorrect category will be disqualified and may subsequently be re-entered into the correct category which will be advised at the time of judging. An image may also be disqualified if the judges deem it offensive to reasonable public morals. These images may not be resubmitted.


Here is how photos will be judged:


  1. Correct exposure.
  2. In focus.
  3. Element of composition.
  4. Picture clean and well presented.


  1. Correct exposure.
  2. In focus.
  3. Composition.
  4. Picture clean and well presented.
  5. Some impact.
  6. Some knowledge of when and how to crop.


  1. Correct exposure.
  2. In focus.
  3. Composition – should begin to show an understanding of the importance of lines shapes and form.
  4. Picture clean and well presented.
  5. Impact (a strong requirement now).
  6. Knowledge of when and how to crop when needed.


  1. Should show a full grasp of all the above principles.
  2. Should show work of entry level NATIONAL salon standard. (Salon Standard is the top 20% of all entries in a typical national competition).


  1. Should show a full grasp of all the above principles.
  2. Should show work of entry level INTERNATIONAL salon standard. (Salon Standard is the top 20% of all entries in a typical international competition).

Good luck!


HCC Committee

Topics for 2015

At our last meeting for 2014, on Tuesday 2 December, we brain-stormed some ideas for monthly topics for the year ahead. I have set these topics up on Photo Vault so you can start straight away.

Open All Year

Shadows – For Consideration

  • For  our competition with Bluff Camera Club, we need to gather together any photos that you think fit the topic. We want to create a pool of entries that we can go through in August 2015, to choose the best entries. The ones that we decide are the best will be our submitted entries. But we need a big pool to choose from! Put any photo you think fits the topic into this Event in Photo Vault!

Monthly Topics

Each Month – Open

  • An “Open” topic will be available for each month. You can enter any photo you like into an Open topic.

Each Month – Monthly Topic

  • January – Holidays
  • February – Bugs & Butterflies (Macro)
  • March – Photo-shoot with Models Night Lights
  • April – Monochrome (Black and White)
  • May – Circuit Portraits
  • June – Seascape Sunrise
  • July – Street Photography
  • August – Shadows (finalise for Bluff Challenge)
  • September – Panning
  • October – Commercial
  • November – Aviation
  • December – Wildlife

These Events have been created in Photo Vault and you can begin uploading now!

Outing to Tala Game Reserve

On Saturday 1 NovIMG-20141102-WA0003ember, some members went on a field trip to the Tala Game Reserve. We were aiming to get some shots that may be useful in our upcoming “Animals” topic for later in November. Although we were afraid that the weather would be a problem, it was fine and allowed great shots.

We had breakfast at the picnic site, which was enjoyed, and then continued shooting for the morning._FXA6327_DNGa