2018 Topic Guidelines


Every month we have the following topics available. You can enter a maximum of 4 photos per month with any mix in these sections;

  1. Topic of the Month
  2. Technique of the Month
  3. Manipulated
  4. Not Manipulated

General Rules

  1. Our Conditions of Entry will apply. If you submit an image, it indicates you agree to these conditions.



  • This section is intended to allow any method of post processing on an image, and to allow multiple photographs to be combined into a single image.
  • Manipulation can be minor, such as cloning out unwanted elements, to major where the final product is the combination of many images. If you do anything that is not allowed under Not Manipulated topic rules, the image should be entered here.

Not Allowed

  • No special rules apply to this section.


  • Any manipulation is allowed.

Beginner Tips

  • Ideas: travel, portraiture, landscapes, fashion, architecture, nature where e.g. branches removed.
  • When photographing living creatures, it is important that the eyes are in sharp focus.
  • Be aware of how to compose a good picture. Read more here.

Not Manipulated


  • Any image that has not been manipulated can be entered here.
  • Some popular genres of photography, such as Photojournalism and Wildlife, have limitations on the kinds of post processing that is allowed. Those images can only be entered here.

Not Allowed

  • Any adding or removing of pixels. E.g. No cloning or modifying of individual pixels. (Cropping is allowed. Removing dust spots is allowed.)
  • HDR or stacking.
  • Do not change the story or remove elements of the picture by cloning pixels (You may remove dust spots only).


  • Crop and rotate the image.
  • Correct lens distortion, chromatic aberrations, purple fringing or similar.
  • Clone out camera induced imperfections such as dust spots.
  • Levels and contrast.
  • Saturation or desaturation.
  • Borders are allowed.
  • Sharpening.
  • Dodge and burn.

Beginner Tips

  • When photographing a wild animal, you should not show man-made objects (such as roads). Radio collars or identification tags are acceptable.

As a PSSA affiliated club, you can also read their guidelines on Ethics and Manipulation.

Conditions of Entry

  1. Entrants may submit up to four images each month.
  2. An image may only be used once. You may not enter the same image into multiple categories or into subsequent challenges.
  3. You may not enter same or similar images. For example, monochrome and colour versions of the same or similar pictures. Or different edits of the same image. Or images taken in quick succession.
  4. Each topic may have its own rules or guidelines. Refer to the Topic Guidelines page for details.
  5. Images may not be constructed entirely with a computer and all photographic components must have been photographed by the entrant who holds copyright of the complete works submitted.
  6. No title or identification of the maker shall be visible anywhere on the image.
  7. Where two or more adjudicators are of the opinion that an image does not conform to the definition of the entered category, the image will be rejected.
  8. The original image and all actions in reaching the final presentation must be made by the photographer. By virtue of submitting an entry, the entrant certifies the work as their own.
  9. The Chairman may request an entrant to supply proof of the authenticity of all the elements in a submitted image. If the entrant cannot supply such proof, their entry in the challenge will be disqualified.
  10. The club assumes no liability for any misuse of copyright by the entrant.
  11. Each image must have a unique name. I.e. the name of an image must not be changed at any time as awards are based on the image name.
  12. Images that have been previously accepted in a challenge may not be entered and will be disqualified if entered again.
  13. The Committee reserves the right to interpret and apply these Conditions of Entry.
  14. Submission of entries signifies acceptance of these conditions of entry.